Bidvest Business Loans and Advances

Bidvest makes running a business very easy with their Bidvest Business Loan, the loan enables you to run all your everyday operations of your business with a working capital loan, or raise funds to inject capital into your business for medium to long term growth.

With Bidvests asset-based finance, business loans and advances, they build strong relationships with the energetic, growth-minded companies who bank with them.

What do u get from Bidvest Business Loans and Advances

1. Asset-based finance:

  • Full maintenance leasing – covers unforeseen maintenance on your company’s vehicles.
  • Rental finance – similar to full maintenance leasing except that the monthly rental does not include maintenance and repair cover.
  • Instalment sale finance – purchase and pay off your vehicles and other movable assets over an agreed period of time.
  • Commercial property finance – buy or renovate commercial, industrial or retail property or re-finance an existing funding structure.
  • Medical equipment finance – equipment and technology funding for medical professionals.

2. Working capital loans for your company’s day-to-day operational expenses.

3. General banking facilities

Ways to Apply for Bidvest Business Loans and Advances

You can apply for Bidvest Business Loans and Advances in multiple ways: you can visit Bidvests website and apply online or you can visit Bidvests branch.

Contact Bidvest

You can contact Bidvest on:

International call centre: +27 11 407 3103

bidvest bank business loans and advances

bidvest bank business loans and advances

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